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Since 1979, ICC Consultants has been realizing optimal capital structures, competitive financing conditions and the best possible protection against interest rate, currency and commodity risks for its clients. Sharp analyses, and successful realizations make us trusted advisor to hundreds of European businesses.

About ICC Consultants

We started in 1979 as independent FX consultant for Dutch importers and exporters. After the Bretton Woods era in the 1970s, when fixed exchange rates were indirectly linked to the U.S. dollar, floating exchange rates led to many headaches for businesses ...

Eddy's weekly market update

Tuesday, 18 June 2024

Eddy's weekly market update

This week, several important events took place: the European elections showed a clear victory for far-right/populist parties, but they did not gain a majority. Initially, there was no significant reaction in the financial markets. However, this changed when Macron announced new elections in response to the results. According to opinion polls, Mrs. Le Pen's party is expected to win these, followed by the left-wing bloc. The parties supporting Macron are expected to come in last. The markets are reacting strongly to this because France's budget deficit and national debt are already too large, and it is expected that the right-wing bloc of Le Pen, together with the left-wing bloc, will significantly increase these...
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