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Refinancing involves replacing and/or extending an existing financing with new financing, often increasing the original notional. On average, a company renegotiates its financing conditions once every three to four years. During that period, many things have likely changed: the company's performance and strategy, interest rate markets, the funding market, and the banking landscape.

Based on your current risk profile (credit rating), ICC identifies a lender’s current profit on their loans to your company, and what your future financing options are in terms of flexibility (notional, availability, amortization, etc.), costs (credit charges, provisions, etc.) and risk (credit base, collateral, covenants, etc.). 

Additionally,  ICC is by your side when actually arranging/refinancing the desired facilities; from drafting and presenting the Request for Proposal (RfP) to selected lenders, supporting during negotiations, all the way until finalizing the loan documentation. 

Whether it's an approaching expiration date of a club deal, or adjusting elements of existing facilities, it always starts with thorough preparation, and a debt advisor by your side who knows exactly what is feasible, and is up to date on all developments in the funding market and banking landscape. 

Asking the bank for an extension proposal yourself does not lead to the most optimal financing. A much better result is achieved by getting in the driver’s seat, and submitting a substantiated RfP based on your own strategy, desires and realistic possibilities.


Royal Kaak, Koos Frowein (CFO)

"I recommend companies to work with ICC Consultants if a refinancing is coming up. Thanks to the efforts of these pleasant advisors, we are satisfied with the negotiation and the good result."

Visscher-Caravelle, René van Dalfsen (CFO)

"If I had undertaken this process without the assistance of ICC Consultants, I would have asked for improved conditions, but probably would not have received them on the most important aspects."

DSV Zaden, Edwin van Sligter (MD)

"Thanks to the speed and flexibility of ICC, we secured the financing for our business expansion."